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Sandy Shum
Impressionistic Photography Gallery

About the Artist

Artist Statement
I wish to provide a moment to pause and reflect on the wonder and grace in the dreamlight of daily life.

International Artist Sandy Shum was born in California and has lived in Asia for two decades. Using a vintage Polaroid sx-70 camera and and the now extinct Time-Zero film, she has created impressionistic photography for over ten years. Sandy exhibits her work internationally, and her photographs are held in private collections the world over. She contributes a percentage of all sales to projects in need in Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan and North and South America.

Sandy's first book, "Dreaming of Prayer Flags: Stories and Images from Bhutan" was published in 2008 and can be viewed at www.prayerflagsbook.com

Impressionistic Photography
Infusing her photographs with movement and light, the artist alters the appearance of the familiar, as breezes transform reflections on clear water.

All images © Sandy Shum 2002, all rights reserved.
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